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Advanced Supervision for Imago Therapists

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Imago Therapists know the experience of having couples with whom the work is great, you feel you are making progress, they shower you with praise, this Imago stuff really works, dialogue is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

And then - - perhaps you have had the experience of having a couple that, when they are coming to see you, you feel sick to your stomach. When they are in the office you can't keep your eyes off the clock, and when you are with them you have visions of finding an ejector button. When they cancel, you are ecstatic!! They complain you aren't good enough, you aren't doing it right, and that this dialogue stuff if for the birds.

Gain an understanding of why certain couples are difficult for you, and get empowered to work with whoever shows up in your office.

If you can relate and have ever had -- or do currently have -- a couple (or couples) like this, come to Maya Kollman's Advanced Supervision. Join other therapists and bring your worst stories of your most difficult cases, and together with Maya's leadership we will explore creative ways to get beyond the stuck places.

Maya's unique style of leading and empowering will help you discover your hidden inner wisdom.

Please bring a videotape or DVD of your work with your most difficult couple.

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