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Mosaic - Connecting intricate characters, shapes and sizes, each with their own borders and jagged edges, integrated into one beautiful and wondrous union

...this is Maya's gift.

Dr. Maya Kollman, PhD, PhD in Counseling Psychology and holds a MA in Clinical Psychology. Maya is one of five Master Trainers of Imago Relationship Therapy, trained and certified by Dr. Hendrix, the founder of Imago Therapy. 

Through Maya's exquisite capacity to connect you can learn to create a sense of belonging in all aspects of your life. 


Maya's own personal journey has endured obstacles, hardships, love, loss, laughter and adventure.

Discover her relational connections and the incredible impact she has made on so many people with her passion and huge heart.

My Journey

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I was born in Mt. Vernon Iowa to Gusti and Eric Kollman, refugees from the Holocaust

My best friend was my grandmother. She died suddenly when i was 2 1/2. My family lived in Austria and Germany when I was 5, 11, and 15

My education was stimulating: Quaker Boarding School, Beloit College, and obstetrics as Nurses Aide

Oct. 1971-1974  Peace Corps in Tonga:  Taught English, and created curriculum, from counseling volunteers to delivering babies.1976-78  MA in Clinical Psychology, Humboldt State, University 1980-81 

Began PhD program at Univ. of Illinois in Counseling Psychology.

Married, divorced 10 years later. 

Started relationship with Barbara

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"I was once paralyzed with fear, trapped in a self absorbed mindset which caused so much pain to myself and others. Through the Imago model I developed the courage to face my fears. I learned to manage my feelings and needs so I could respond rather than react, resulting in living a joyous and full-filling life." 


Conducted the first ever LGBTQ Imago workshop.

My first Speaking engagement abroad, invited to Imago Days in Vienna

Barbara and I moved to Portland and continued conducting training in Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Vancouver and Los Angeles.

Witnessed the magic of Imago on Oprah.

I started training with Harville Hendrix months later.

I began training with 4 colleagues to become

Imago Master Trainers

World tour of Imago training; New Zealand, Australia, Israel, Switzerland  including stops along a RV road trip from NJ to Vancouver.  


I continue to teach, train, coach, speak and connect around the world. 


Maya has taught the ideas and skills of Imago in 15 countries and 25 states.

Maya's journey continues..

"Watching my clients, attendees and therapists transform is truly a gift. Their awakening to newfound skills elevates me as much as it elevates them. Continuing to connect hearts and empowering people to love in a new way is my life's mission and passion." - Dr. Maya Kollman, PhD



Learn about Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelley Hunt, the founders of Imago. 

Lesbian Couple


Learn more about LGBTQ workshops, how they started and why.

Holding Hands


Attend an online or

in-person Getting the Love You Want workshop

People During Workshop


Further enhance your Imago training and certification. 

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