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Dr. Maya Kollman, PhD

Discover a healing community that will leave you feeling vitalized and motivated in your practice with a knowledge to guide couples and individual towards a profound growth.


Is creating lasting and healthy relationships part of your career path?


Over 30 years as a Master Imago Trainer, Dr. Maya Kollman's heart-focused, caring and intentional training style will guide you towards your own journey of transforming the hearts and minds of people in all types of relationships. 
Become part of the Imago Community and learn the tools and techniques that have guided thousands of people to uncover the root problems and patterns fueling most conflict and disconnection.
About Imago
Dandelion Leaves

Imago Therapy is a highly effective method of working with individuals and couples to teach them to expand their relational connection so they can heal, grow and thrive.


Take your career to the next level...deepen your clinical knowledge, grow your business and expand your own personal journey.

 — Carol Kramer/ GTLYW Presenter

Maya and Barbara provide an intimate, safe space for the couples
to connect very deeply. Maya, as many of you have know is a Master trainer and she is definitely masterful at creating a space where couples can move from being very disconnected and reactive to deeply getting what our work is about and what successful connecting looks like.

In addition to presenting the material in a easy - to digest - format, they are both funny, warm and so engaging with each of the couples who attended.

I highly recommend that you train with Maya (and Barbara) as they will both
focus on your strengths and calm your fears about presenting this wonderful workshop,


—  Workshop Attendee

How is Imago different?

Imago is a unique, nonjudgmental and empathic model with that takes a relational vs. an individual problem-solving approach for clients to take home.

Imago therapy integrates and synthesizes the insights of the major western psychological systems, current neuroscience and spiritual disciplines into a uniquely comprehensive and systematic theory of all relationships.

Couples and individual leave their first session with a sense of transformation, hope and a clear direction towards self and other discovery.  

Imago theory and practice moves beyond traditional psychology into a new field called Relationality and the Building of Relational Competence. 

Basic Courses:

    Imago Clinical Training


Advanced Courses:

    The Attuned Therapist

    Despair to Repair

    Giving and Receiving

    Characterological Growth

    Journey of Change

    Growing in Competence

    15 Commitments

    Workshop Presenter's Course:  Presenting the GTLYW 

    Singles Workshop Course:  Presenting the KTLYF 


Imago North America Faculty - 2018



Location: Syracuse, NY

Session 2 is completed

Session 3 is May 30-June 2

NOTE: Prerequisite of Session 1 required, with Maya or other trainer.

9:00am - 6:00pm EST Each day 

Location: Washington, DC

July 7-10, 2024


May 3, 4 and 10, 11, 2024

Sept. 20, 21 and 27, 28, 2024

Contact Maya for more information on training:

Thank you for your curiosity! We will be in touch.

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