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Connection - the key to our very survival. Video Interview

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Is the answer to a successful relationship found in your ability to surrender to love? If it is, wow, that requires a lot of trust. Obviously we’re willing to try because we are driven to couple up, yet connecting is extremely difficult.

Watch the entire video interview below. (length 24 mins)

Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Dialogue presents Conversations That Matter. Veteran Broadcaster Stuart McNish interviews Maya as they discuss connection - the key to our very survival.

Conversation That Matters about a deep, meaningful and loving communication model for couples

“loving somebody, really loving somebody and surrendering to loves forces us to face our deepest fears which are ‘they’ll leave me or they’ll die.’”

Love – that connection – is the key to our very survival as individuals. Finding “the” partner who can fulfill us and help us actualize who we are.

Living with those same people, however, isn’t easy. “This is where a respectful and appropriate communication strategy is required” – a strategy Maya insists exists.

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