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Maya Kollman

A leader on the Imago International Faculty for 30 years, Maya is the only active Master Trainer in Imago Relationship Therapy. Trained by Harville Hendrix, PhD, Maya is certified to lead and train both the Getting the Love You Want and Keeping the Love You Find workshops, along with all basic and advanced clinical courses.


A certified Imago educator since 1990, Barbara was also trained by Harville in the clinical program and other trainings for Imago Relationship Therapy.

Barbara brings thirty years of teaching, parenting and lived experience to the workshops and trainings. 

Maya and Barbara's curiosity, vulnerability and mindedness are inspiring and contagious.


Maya provides the tools needed to develop a version of your best self.  With her rich appreciation of complex theory coupled with practical skills, you will learn to live more joyously and more consciously in all relationships. 

Together you will connect the pieces of your life.


"Maya is a brilliant sculptor of human strengths. Like a sculptor who chisels away all that’s in the way of the image, Maya finds the brilliance in those with whom she works, and then she gently coaches them out of whatever is in the way of that brilliance."

—  Jeannie Ingram, Imago Therapist

Do you feel an inability to connect and tolerate differences? 

Do your reactions cause you and others pain?

Discover a new way to talk and listen and how to respond instead of reacting.


Let Maya guide you on a personal journey into waking up to your patterns and transforming

into your best self.


  • How to love and connect on a deeper level, with yourself and others.

  • The essential relational tools to help resolve conflicts.

  • Discover a new outlook, view others through a different lens, and truly connect beyond differences. 

Comforting Hands
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Connect with Maya on a personal and professional level. 

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Start your journey to transformation and discovery.

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Attend an online or

in-person Getting the Love You Want workshop

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Further enhance your Imago training and certification. 

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