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Journey of Change: From Enemies to Allies

Maya Kollman, Master Imago Trainer

Online Training

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Maya and Senior Clinical Instructor, Sophie Slade, developed this course a few years ago when they were grappling with the challenges that couples face when trying to make the changes they have committed to in the Behavior Change Request Dialogue. Sophie and Maya had noticed, as had others, that despite the good intentions and beautiful work couples do during the BCR dialogue, they often do not follow through with the new behaviors. This course addresses the difficulties that result from couples needing to make some very significant shifts in their relationship in order to be successful.  

The nine shifts are:
    •    From Certainty Toward Curiosity
    •    From Reactivity Toward Intentionality
    •    From Blaming Toward Self-Reflection
    •    From Symbiosis Toward Differentiation
    •    From Complaints Toward Requests
    •    From Negativity Toward Possibility
    •    From Individual Frustrations Toward the Relational Dance
    •    From Childhood Story Toward Adult Narratives
    •    From Adult Narrative Toward New Behavior

The course will guide you on a journey through these nine essential shifts that couples need to make on their journey from chaos and disconnection to a conscious, connected, loving relationship. Greeted with great acclaim by both highly experienced and new Imago therapists when presented at Imago Conferences in Atlanta and Copenhagen, this course is the foundation of a book that Sophie and Maya are writing together.

It is a very practical, hands-on course. On each of the three days we address three shifts through short theory pieces, stories, demonstrations, practice in triads, and discussion. It will give you ideas, tools, and skills to be more effective in helping your couples through the shifts.

Course Date: TBD

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 — L./ Training Attendee

Dear Maya,

You have given me many gems throughout my trainings.  My love of your teaching sits in your ability to so so vulnerable and transparent in your teaching along with hour beautiful ability to laugh at yourself. Love,

growing i competence
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Growing in Competence in Imago- A life-long journey

Maya Kollman & Sophie Slade, Imago Clinical Instructors 
Online Advanced Training

How do we, as Imago practitioners (therapists, facilitators, educators), grow into being our very best selves and develop our competence in helping others connect? In Imago we would say “In relationship of course” - we were wounded in our competence in relationship, we heal our competence in relationship.

In this on-line advanced training we will look at our own past experiences - as children, young adults and as Imago practitioners (remember having to bring in tapes of your work!).  We will explore what wounded and constrained us and what supported us in mastering new skills and in seeing others as re-sources. How do our adaptations help and hinder us in our work. What do we need specifically in supervision that would support our growth and healing?  Are we getting it?

What does the research says about what makes some practitioners so much more effective than others.  What can we learn from this to be among the best in our field - in ways that go way beyond relying on our fabulous Imago theory and practice. 

Maya and Sophie will weave together our knowledge, expertise, fears, challenges and adaptations to join you on a journey of exploration, learning and growth.  

Don’t miss this opportunity to work with two of the best (maybe).

Times and Dates: TBD

Register now to secure your place.  This is a small group learning experience and counts towards your Imago Advanced Clinician status.


Thanks for registering! We will contact you with next steps.

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